IIT Delhi Certificate Program In Operations Management & Analytics
  • IIT Delhi Certificate Program In Operations Management & Analytics

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    Ranked 5th in NIRF Rankings 2021 : Management

  • Live lectures with IITD faculty

    Real-world case studies / caselets

  • Certificate from IIT Delhi

Program Overview

The course is designed to introduce participants (decision-makers from operations as well as non operations background) to fundamentals of operations management and analytics. The programme will be taught using business school case study pedagogy and will use a mix of live lectures and self-paced learning modules.The programme aims at enabling the learners to make use of operations management from the point of view of fundamental concepts related to operations and use of analytics. New Managers will get a chance to build strong operations foundations and analyse business data to gain insights as well as improve processes. Seasoned Managers will find a new perspective of looking at the company data and drive better-informed decisions in their firms.

EligibilityGraduates (10+2+3) / Diploma holders from a recognised university in any discipline
Mode of Teaching & ExamsOnline (Live lectures)
Program DateAugust 1, 2022
FeesINR 1,18,000 (incl. taxes)
Duration 25 weeks (6 months)
Recommended time commitment6-8 hours/ week

Program Benefits

  • Experience high-impact live online learning and explore real-world case studies / caselets
  • Participate in peer-to-peer learning and expand your professional network
  • Gain industry-oriented insights from eminent IIT Delhi faculty
  • Receive a Certification in 'Operations Management and Analytics' from IIT Delhi


  • Foundation to Operations Management Analytics

    Introduction to Concepts, Tools, Techniques, and Analytics

    Traditional and Advanced Production Systems

    Need for Product Re-design and Development

  • Production and Capacity Planning

    Chase and production level strategy

    Mixed strategy

    Capacity management (CPOF and Capacity Bill, Resource profile)

  • Maintenance and Queue Management

    Preventive and proactive maintenance policy

    Queue planning (M/M/1, M/M/S, M/D/1 models for jobs queue management)

  • Quality and Six Sigma in Operations

    Six-Sigma process in operations

    Quality control charts (X and R-Charts, p & np charts)

  • Inventory Management

    Types of Inventory costs

    EOQ/POQ/PPB models

    Multi-criteria ABC Analysis

  • Materials Resource Planning

    MRP Construction

    MRP Nervousness

    This module will provide insights to construct MRP tables for dynamic/fluctuating product demand. The MRP table provides time scheduling information about when and how much the material needs to procure (order) to meet the market demand of the final product. MRP table will integrate the inventory models discussed in Model VII (Inventory Management) to optimize the ordering policy. Finally, MRP table would help inventory managers to procure inventory at the right time in the right quantity at minimum inventory procurement cost.

  • Forecasting and Demand Management

    Time series models (Exponential, Adjusted Exponential, Winter-holt model)

    Regression (Linear trend model)

  • Predictive Analytics

    Demand forecasting

    Business Simulation in Operations

    This module will provide the use of various forecasting models discussed in Module II (Forecasting and Demand Management) using R and Excel for past sales data. This will help the sales managers/decision makers to estimate the best demand forecast with minimum forecast error keeping the highest level of forecasting accuracy. At the end, this module will enable the participants the application of R and Excel using various forecasting models to predict future demand.

  • Descriptive Analytics

    Vendors selection and evaluation

    Risk Mitigation in operations

    This module will provide the application of various MCDM (Multi Criteria Decision Making) tools and techniques for vendor/ machine/ parts/ product design selection for medium and long term decisions for industry. In addition, the participants will also learn the risk mitigation in supply chain using MCDM. Some of the MCDM techniques covered here are ISM, AHP, and TOPSIS. Finally, this module will help managers/ decision makers in short, medium and long term decisions such as which vendor(s) to be selected for short/medium/ long term duration, and similarly how to mitigate operational risks in the supply chain.

  • Facility Planning and Project Management

    Product, process, fixed and cellular layout

    CPM and PERT analysis of project

  • Predictive Analytics

    Production Management

    Facility Layout Planning

    This module will provide the learning on linear programming models for an optimal utilization of resources in single and multiple period production planning. The module will also cover the impact of market fluctuation on the production cost and its profit. The module will also provide the application of linear models on the optimal design of manufacturing layout to minimize material handling cost which in long run helps in minimizing the manufacturing cost. Finally, the module helps operations managers to make use of this analytics in layout and production planning.

  1. #2Ranked in India
  2. 25Weeks
  3. 25+Assignments
  4. 2Live Sessions per Week

Application Process

  • Fill theapplicationform online
  • Submit required documents and attend an interview with IITD professors
  • Get shortlisted based, on information submitted and interview
  • Pay the feesand get enrolled


  • Dr. Surya Prakash Singh

    Dr. Surya Prakash Singh

    Professor, Department of Management StudiesIndian Institute of Technology, Delhi

    Prof. Surya P. Singh is a Dhanajaya Chair Professor andChairperson, Operations & Supply Chain Group atDepartment of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. In addition,Prof. Singh was also a Visiting Fellow at Newcastle Business School, Newcastle University, UK and Center forProduction & Industrial Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark

  • Dr. Gourav Dwivedi

    Dr. Gourav Dwivedi

    Assistant Professor, Department of Management StudiesIndian Institute of Technology, Delhi

    Prof. Gourav Dwivedi is a fellow of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow and a Bachelor of Technology graduate in Mechanical Engineering from HBTIKanpur. Currently, he is Assistant Professor at Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi.

  • Dr. Prasanna

    Dr. Prasanna

    Assistant Professor, Production and Quantitative methodsIndian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

    Prof. Prasanna is a Fellow in Production and Quantitativemethods from Indian Institute of Management (IIM)Ahmedabad. Post his fellow degree, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at John Molson School of Business,Concordia University, Canada. Currently, he is AssistantProfessor at Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi.