Wharton Leadership and Management in New-Age Business
  • Wharton Leadership and Management in New-Age Business

  • Format: Fully Online

    Duration: 4.5 Months

  • Start Date: Sep 30, 2022

    One-on-One Executive Coaching

  • Accomplished Peer Network

    Live and Recorded Lectures with CXOs and Industry Leaders

Program Overview

The course is curated keeping in mind the needs of tomorrow’s global leaders. It aims to help you tap into your true potential as leaders and identify opportunities that would aid your professional growth. It is designed by distinguished faculty from Wharton and is the ideal program for building a leadership skill set in the 21st century.

The program is delivered as a mix of recorded and live sessions to give learners the ideal mix of flexibility and exposure. It also incorporates hands-on, interactive business simulations based on real world scenarios such that it serves as a bridge between learning and real-life experience

The course equips leaders across all levels with frameworks and models to make decisions and take strategic action by training them on state of the art business practices.

Learners enrolled also get access to highly experienced executive coaches for personalised feedback on their leadership style, areas of strength, and weaknesses, as well as practical tips and tricks on ways to improve their leadership ectiveness.

EligibilityMinimum five years of work experience, preferably in managerial or leadership roles is required. Candidates with a graduate degree from a recognised university or professional qualification equivalent to a graduate degree preferred.
Mode of Teaching & ExamsOnline
Program DateSep 30, 2022
Fees2,25,000 (Incl. taxes)
Duration 4.5 Months
Recommended time commitment5 to 6 Hours a week

Program Benefits

  • Academic content designed for leaders
  • Four live masterclasses with Wharton faculty
  • Program completion certificate from Wharton
  • Executive coaching sessions tailored for leadership roles
  • 2 Harvard interactive business-case simulations
  • Leadership profiling session at the start of the course to help you understand your leadership style and strengths and development areas better
  • Learn directly from Wharton faculty and world-renowned CEOs through self-paced videos and interactive live sessions


  • Leadership in the 21st Century

    Engaging Hearts and Minds

    Understanding Work Styles and Cultivating Originality

    Purpose-Driven Leadership

    Organizational Culture and Culture Change

  • Managing and Motivating Talent

    Motivation and Reward

    Tasks, Jobs, and Systems of Work

    Making Good and Timely Management Decisions

    Designing and Changing the Organization’s Architecture

  • Managing the Global Firm

    Global Markets and the Firm

    International Strategies

    Organization and Management of the International Firm

    The Multinational Firm in the 21st Century

  • The Multinational Firm in the 21st Century

    The Firm and the Industry

    Industry Analysis and Competitive Dynamics

    Corporate Strategy and Firm Scope

    Firms in a Context

  1. 4Live Sessions
  2. 2Harvard Case Studies
  3. 1:1Executive Coaching
  4. 24/7Support